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Shadow Lake Kawarthas



Each week we invite a bunch of friends to join us around the grill for great food, great conversation and lots of laughs. Who's At The Cottage is hosted by Maureen Norman, with co-hosts Mary Ellen Lett (MEL), Chris Worth and grill master Andy Elder (#grillbill).


Food and Foodies

Who doesn't think about food when they think about the cottage? What to bring, what to eat, how to cook it! This week we're joined by Naz Cavallaro from Broil King, who let's us in on a few expert tips including the difference between grilling and barbecuing. Also joining us around the grill is Peter Neal from Neal Brothers Foods who brought lots of stories and plenty of goodies. Bon appetit!

Butter Tarts cottage country

Just Visiting

Forget the buying vs. renting debate! Have you heard about cottage hopping? It's a thing. Joining us around Andy's grill this week are Michelle Catchpole, guest and cottage hopper extraordinaire and Jeff Wood, one time cottage owner, now full time cottage guest. We'll talk about what makes a great guest and what makes a great gift for your host or hostess. Here's a hint...Jeff created the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour. 50 stops. He's tried them all.

Recreational real estate Christine Sharp

Hit The Road Jack

How far is far? Did you know there's a movement afoot. A zeitgeist to escape larger urban centres has taken hold. This week we talk to Christine Sharp about the recreational property market across the country. Where are people buying? How far are they travelling to escape the city? Off grid but online - can it be done? We also chat with Brian Varner who practically crosses the country to escape the city and get to his cottage!

dock under water

It's Always Something

We are a country blessed with tremendous natural resources and lots and lots of fresh water. With thousands of lakes in Ontario alone, it's easy to see how a rainy spring could cause some issues! This week we hear from cottage friends Jeff Wood and Aaron Finlayson about some of those times when things went wrong. From missing docks to power outages, we've got stories!

Dockside entertaining


Hmmmm....let me see. Will that be a glass of wine or a local craft beer? Entertaining outdoors is one of the great pleasures at the cottage. But what to serve? You don't want to be running in and out of the cottage all afternoon. Hear some great tips from our grill master Andy Elder, cottager and sommelier Meghan Sherwin and Heather Mundle from Amsterdam Brewery who shares beer pairing tips and more!

Board games rainy days

Rainy Day Memories

The heavens open and the debate begins. It's a rainy day. Do you reach for Monopoly, Scrabble or Canada's own Trivial Pursuit? Maybe cards are your thing. Do you deal a hand of poker? Or is your style more Euchre or Cribbage? When you get bored of all that, there's always that box of VHS movies. And let's be clear, The Great Outdoors may just be the best cottage movie of all time. Yes or no? Author, keynote speaker and ad agency owner Ron Tite joins us to help settle the debates!

Reading books at the cottage

Words and Music

Everybody has one...a favourite summer song and a book they want to read. This week we're talking music and books - two incredibly important elements for great cottaging. Vital in fact. Whether you're enjoying some uninterrupted solitude in the hammock or putting in a few hours sunbathing on the dock, you're gonna need a good book and some great tunes. Sharing their thoughts with us on this cottage critical topic are award winning author Terry Fallis and boom 97.3 radio host Jeff Spindel.

Shadow Lake Coboconk

Get Outside

On shore or on the water, there's lots of fun to be had outdoors. Do you feel like taking the paddle boat or the canoe out for a whirl? Care for a game of bocce or croquet? What about that Canadian original Washer Toss? Maybe you're a little more adventurous and you want to head out and explore on foot or on the ATV. Just remember what season it is - black fly, deer fly or horse fly! Ornithologist and outdoor expert Mark Peck will help us figure it all out along with Lake of Bays ATV Club member and Baysville general store owner Bill Bryer. 

Girls weekend vs. guys weekend

Girls Weekend vs.
Guys Weekend

Get a group of girls and guys together and for sure each of them will claim the title as to who has the best time on a getaway weekend. Manis, pedis and sangria or Seadoos, fireworks and a case of Amsterdam Pale Rider - what sounds like more fun? Join us this week and hear MEL interview the guys and Chris interview the ladies. This much we know. A girls weekend almost always involves some kind of avocado dip while a guys weekend almost always involves some sort of project!


Season's End

As shorter days give way to longer nights, the summer cottaging season draws to an end. This episode we’ll take a look back at summer 2017 and a look ahead to the fall and winter seasons. We’ll also talk about winding things down – putting stuff away, turning stuff off and all the other rituals associated with the end of the season. Friend of the podcast Ron Tite returns to share his thoughts on the season and his plans to celebrate his first Thanksgiving at the cottage.

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